Music Teachers

Cath Dowling

keyboard, guitar, ukulele, recorder, flute & percussion

Originally from Canberra, I completed my teaching degree at Australian Catholic University in my early 20’s and worked for several years as a classroom teacher.

During my time as a classroom teacher I was heavily involved in all the music pursuits in the school and so decided to make this the focus of my teaching.


Susan Williams

keyboard, recorder & abc teacher

I am a qualified classroom teacher, with a Bachelor of Arts and a Diploma of Teaching and Learning.

I have been involved in music, in one way or another, for as long as I can remember, at primary and secondary school and, later, through community choirs, orchestral ensembles and theatre.


Madison Smith

guitar, keyboard, drums, percussion & ukulele

Originally from Hobart, I have been involved in music my entire life. I started learning the flute at the age of 7 and then in my teen years started focusing on the guitar and the bass guitar.

At 21 I received my bachelor degree in music performance and the following year moved to Melbourne to complete my honours at the University of Melbourne, which i received at the end of 2016.


Nick Roney

woodwind specialist – flute, clarinet & saxophone

My musical career begun when I was at primary school and has continued ever since with no break as I have loved it that much. I begun my learning on the saxophone and have since picked up the flute and clarinet as not only a challenge but also so I can play in stage productions.


Patrick Yuen

guitar, drums, percussion & ukulele

My name is Patrick Yuen and I am a very experienced drum, ukulele, cajon and guitar teacher. I have taught many students over many years and my students have always enjoyed my fun and enthusiastic approach to learning.


Ashlee Prewer

keyboard & singing

Music has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. Originally from Launceston I began piano lessons as a young child and from there my love for all things music grew.



Colleen Brown

violin, keyboard, guitar, ukulele & abc

Growing up my family home was full of music. Everyone in my family plays an instrument,  and I was exposed to a huge variety of music travelling around to folk festivals with my Dad and to Classical Harp and Opera concerts with my mum!



After one year of keyboard, we were pleasantly surprised how well Christy performed as part of a group in a lovely end of year concert. Christy found further motivation when I finally made time to squeeze in a few private lessons so that she could measure her progress by completing exams. The group and private lessons provide complementary outcomes, by creating a musician who wants to improve and who can play as part of a group. Cath has a caring approach, and there is no pressure to take on private lessons.

Stephanie Mitten

My daughter has been attending Kids on Key through our school for the last 4 years. In this time she has developed a love of music and fostered a wonderful relationship with her music teacher. Kids on Key has provided my daughter with a positive, fun and challenging music program. My daughter is excited to be partaking in her next ANZCA exam for piano this year and I am positive that her love of music and piano is because of the fantastic environment provided by Kids on Key.

Kylie Kibsgaard

My children have been learning keyboard for about 4 years with Kids on Key. I think it is a fantastic program, especially as these classes can be done around school times. My children have learned to read music as well as learn keyboard, both of which I truly believe helps to expand our children’s mind for many other areas of their life, similar to the benefits of learning another language, and Susan is just a wonderful teacher. The opportunity to further the education with exams and grading is there for the students that wish to pursue their instruments further.

Nancy Gibson